About Us

Greetings, dear customers. We are 3-years experienced STEAM sellers. We have successful eBay business and a lot of eBay customers, with perfect feedback.

It's one of our account: http://ebay.com/usr/weqew

But, from now we're decided to expand the borders of our business and create our own web-store.

GamAxe.com is our project, which is directed to be more useful for you.

We are simple resellers, which are interested in game industry and STEAM sales. We honestly bought all of this games, using our own money on various sales from gamestores, absolutely legit, so we have a tiny profit from this re-sales via our site.

Site is still under development, some elements are not ready, yet, but it can sell already, and this is the main thing for you and us! ;)

So, just trust us and try to find something interesting for ya!


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